Internet Provider for Events

In spite of internet systems that are often installed in venues, you may have a need to get your own internet provider for events.  A good choice is Trade Show Internet. They provide services throughout the country, so whatever city you’re in, they can help you with your internet needs.

They have solutions for various types of need, from fairly small scale to larger needs. They have a 4G internet kit that allows for a few simultaneous users, and will do the trick to allow participants to get online, check email and demonstrate software at a booth. The 4G kit is easy to use and requires no special training to be able to use.

If you have more extensive needs, then you can access the Xirrus system to provide WiFi at your event. The Xirrus is a premier system for event WiFi, having a 360 degree design which provides a strong signal in a wide area, indoors or out.

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