Three Reasons to Use Bio-Insecticide Products to Eliminate Bed Bugs

With a growing awareness of the importance of our environment, more people than ever are looking for natural products and attempting to eliminate harmful chemicals from their lives. This can clearly be seen with the move towards using bio-insecticides to kill pests in their homes. The following are three reasons to make the switch to bio-insecticides, especially for a bed bug problem.

Bed bugs live too close to where we sleep
You must be extremely careful when using insecticides for bed bugs. These insects are not found throughout your home, but exist near where you sleep. They feed off blood, and they can never be far from their source of food. What this means is that in order to kill these insects, you need to spray chemicals in and around where you sleep. This is a recipe for a health disaster. The answer is to use bio-insecticide products. They are natural and not harmful to people, yet they effectively kill these bugs.

Bed bugs are developing resistance to man-made chemicals
Over time, a handful of insects will survive being sprayed with modern insecticides, and they reproduce. A new generation, with a greater tolerance to these chemicals, arrives on the scene. Generation after generation comes and goes, building up a greater resistance to these pesticides. The chemical companies respond by making these insecticides ever stronger, but this creates a serious health problem for you and your family. The solution is to use modern bio-insecticides. These types of bug sprays are developed from natural ingredients and are made to be safe for people.

To protect children and pets
No matter how careful you are with pesticides, it is simply too difficult to control the spread of chemicals. This can be easily seen with both children and pets such as cats and dogs. Chemicals sprayed in areas of the carpet and beds can easily come in contact with the hands of children who will stick their hands in their mouths. Dogs and cats can get the chemicals from things they find on the floor, and if the chemicals get on their fur, they can lick this off and it can enter their body.

There is no reason to take the chance of using strong pesticides in your home, especially when it comes to bed bugs. There are natural pesticides that can kill bed bugs and not harm anyone in your home. One example of this type of product can be found with natural insecticides made by EcoRaider.

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